Celebrate the latest Dark Horse, Washington Nationals

The world is celebrating another Dark Horse and a big unexpected winner!!!

Washington Nationals

This past week, against all odds, the Washington Nationals won the 2019 World Series of Baseball Championship. I am not a big fan of watching baseball but I have to say, I DID watch this series! You ask why the change of heart… well

#1 – because I have no choice, this is all that Dave watches in the fall and

#2 – because I couldn’t help but root for this unlikely participant in this series!

There are tons of reasons that we consider them Dark Horses and here are just the few that made me take notice! I am not mentioning any names because honestly I don’t remember them now!

-They hadn’t won the World Series Championship since 1924, 95 years. WOW!!!

– At the beginnning of the season they had a horrible record and lost the first 31 of 50 games they played. The experts gave them a .1% chance of winning!

-They are the team with the oldest average age in the MLB of 31 years!

-Their manager suffered a heart issue in September and attended the games with a cardiologist by his side!

-Their pitcher woke up in the middle of the series unable to get out of bed and was sure to not be able to finish the series. Thanks to modern medicine and therapies he came back to play and help win the series!

If this team doesn’t qualify as a  “Dark Horse”, I’m not sure what does! 


Congratulations to the 2019 World Series Champion, Washington Nationals from UPSET, the original “Dark Horse” of Saratoga, celebrating unlikely winners since 1919!


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