Furnishing the Canfield Casino


Every part of the Canfield Casino was meticulously planned. No detail was missed. Charlie pointed out that the side entrance used to be the front entrance so people could see who was coming in and going to the Casino from their seats on the hotel porches. Seeing the distinguished patrons of the Casino, made others want to be a part of the social scene. It is hard to say how Morrissey could afford all of the spectacular furnishings that adorned the casino but he did not skimp anywhere. Some rumors suggest that maybe he was bankrolled by someone else? When Canfield took over, he was also very detail oriented… on an completely different level!

The fireplace in the high stakes room along with the chairs and other furnishing were all made in New York City by the original-casino-barfamous Herter Brothers, who also furnished rooms in the White House, the Vanderbilt’s House in New York City, Ogden Mills’ Mansion, and many elite figures of that time period. Everything from the rugs to the ceilings matched, was meticulously planned and almost all was custom built. The Herter Bother’s work is incredible. When you visit you will see that the shapeshigh-stakes-room used in the fabric of the furniture is carried through the drapes, the ceiling, and the trim, everything was made to match, and all of it was designed and created just for the beautiful Canfield Casino.

A dining room was put in place to the left of the entrance that welcomed women. This would give them a place to relax, enjoy “sweets, ices, and other refreshments” while the men were gambling. Charlie believes that most women would not have wanted to be in the gaming rooms because they were hot and dark. We have to remember this was a time when there was no air conditioning, with windows closed and curtains drawn it must have gotten pretty stuffy in there. The dining room was bright with many chandeliers and a charming view of the park.

When looking at the side of the building by the duck pond you will see a giant Tiffany window. Looking at this window and the small glass above the current entry way you will notice 155ca2ba1d5659aad4df2589f0a38089little hidden figures. The glass above the entrance we now use to go into the casino has little shadows of men in each letter. The stained glass in the ballroom, added by Canfield, is getting a face lift now but is a stunning masterpiece. Canfield added many new furnishings and paintings along with the ballroom itself. This room is now used for special roomevents. Many of the items that were once housed in the casino have been moved out of the rooms that are now used for events or have needed to be replaced after years of use. But all additions were planned just as Morrissey and Canfield would have planned them, in the best interest of the casino and keeping in style with what was already in place.

The next segment on the casino will be about the innovative business practices of Morrissey and Canfield… tune in!

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