Impressions of Saratoga Dads!

In honor of Fathers Day, we asked our crew at Impressions of Saratoga, to tell us why their Dad is special! We figured that we have such special people to work with that, their Dads must be pretty special too!!! We got so many nice comments from our crew that we decided to blog about our wonderful Dads and let them know how much they are loved!.

Maddy Zanetti 

My dad is special for so many things. He has always encouraged me and my passions. Whether it was horseback riding, working with dogs, getting involved in organizations, or with work, he has always been my biggest supporter. He believes in me and is always willing to help me. He wants me to accomplish everything I set out to do.







Marianne Barker

Gone for almost 2 years now, my Dad was one of the 2 most important men in my life. He supported me in anything I attempted and was my partner in many an adventure. Hiking in the Smokey Mtns where there are big bears and snakes, taking me for walks on the beach in the middle of winter, expolring the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone or tolerating me trailing along with him at his work! I inherited my love of nature, animals and my work ethic from him. I love you and Dad and miss you every day.

Marianne's Mom&Dad


Emma Hyatt

My dad can always find a way to cheer me up when I’m down with his horrific “dad jokes”, he’s always there to make me laugh. Even though he annoys me most of the time like most dads do, he’s the most caring, helpful, honest person and I love him!


Austin Peterson

My dad is special to me because he introduced me to so many new and different things, and he has always supported me no matter what.


Sarah Torgeson 

My dad is special to me because regardless of the fact that I don’t get to see him very often, I always know that he is supporting me. He never fails to try to help me when I am in need or make me laugh when I am feeling down, but above all he shows me he loves me in more ways than just saying it.







Amanda Litwin

My dad makes sure that I never take life too seriously and that I focus on the important things in life. And that you are never too old to have fun!”


Jamie Onderdonk

“Like many before me, I appreciate learning at my pop’s knee. It seems that I find myself more and more appreciating both his knowledge and his willingness and ability to share it with me. We’re always learning as we move forward and I’ll always be his studious daughter.”

Kathryn Mansfield

I am lucky to have such an amazing dad who not only is my sidekick and pal but biggest supporter. I know that whenever I need him he will be there and for that I am grateful. Thanks dad for all the smiles and laughs together I wouldn’t change that for the world.


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