Leap of Kindness

February 22-28 Fund Raising Portion

February 29th presenting donations

The Impressions Pups Give Back!

give back

There is power in each purchase! For every sale over $10 the Impressions Pups will donate $1 and the customers get to choose the cause! Your sale makes a difference at Impressions of Saratoga.

Impressions of Saratoga will reward each shopper who spends over $10 with a paper $1 bill and any shopper who spends over $50 will receive a paper $2 bill. This bill can be deposited in one of 4 collection jars that will benefit the following charities, each sponsored by one of our Pups! On Saturday the 29th the bills will be tallied and a donation of $1 or $2 per bill will be given to the charity chosen.


“I picked Old Friends because of all of the wonderful things they do for retired thoroughbreds. Old Friends’ New York location opened in 2009 and they have housed both famous and not so well-known horses. They provide a natural and nurturing forever home to retired race horses. My favorite horse at Old Friends is Be Bullish because everyone says I am like a bull the way I plough through things when I get excited.”


“The Saratoga Senior Center empowers seniors to maintain their independence through structured programs and services. Through these services seniors are provided companionship, social involvement, recreation, and more. I chose to support the Saratoga Senior Center because I love when my Oma comes to visit and she is very active with her senior center.”

donationsSmalls’ Pick – WELLSPRING

“I chose Wellspring because they help so many men, women, children, and animals when they are in need of a new safe home. Wellspring has so many programs to aid people in abusive situations find a way out without leaving behind the ones they love. They assist in finding all of the necessities to live and work. Though I am not a dog from their program I was in a shelter dollarsonce and I really appreciated everything they did for me, including finding my forever home.”


“Though I do not look like it I am from Rottie Empire Rescue! I was rescued in 2014 and adopted right after Rottie Empire picked me up. Rottie Empire Rescue’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs, as well as other animals, while promoting welfare and preventing cruelty.”


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