Meet The Lazy Dog Cookie Company

Every now and again we like to give a shout out to one of our favorite local vendors! Of course they are all our favorites and over time we’ll get to them all!

Amy and Keith from The Lazy Dog Cookie Company started out as visitors to Impressions with all of their wonderful canine family. Over numerous visits and conversations, we discovered that they were the creators of Lazy Dog Cookies and learned the story behind their creation, growth and success. We always love the stories of how some of us are lucky enough to find a passion and turn it into our life’s work.

Lazy Dog Family

We learned something new the minute we logged onto their website ; “It’s a well-known fact that our four footed family members require a lot of snooze time, but did you know that they average 18 hours a day?” Our dogs certainly meet that criteria!!!

Lazy Dog has supported many of our events including Chowderfest when it was for the dogs too, Our annual Dog Daze, our Pups Birthday Pawty to name a few! It helps that our board of directors (Smalls, Cookie, Smitty and Pupa… even Upset the horse) LOVE their treats, birthday Cake Mix, Pup Cakes and some new products looming on the horizon. They are always willing to be taste testers!!!


Amy and Keith support countless animal service charities including the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Animal Protective Foundation and Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist with donations of every kind. They have been owned by at least 10 dogs, the majority rescued! There are always a few pups wandering about the office and production areas whenever we have been down to pick up an order or just stopping to say hello! Their dogs are also the inspiration for many of their treat flavors like Hoagie’s Candied Maple Sweet Potato, Lucy’s Cinnamon Swirled Peanut Butter, Walter’s Crisped Blueberry Oat and Hazle’s Glazed Pumpkin Carrot (all of which we carry). Each box shares the stories of how they became family. Amy wrote a childrens book, “Hairiot Found Home” a fairy tale based in truth about how one of their rescues came to them.

Here is one of our favorite customers, Layla, who has her own box of treats saved behind the counter for when she comes in to visit!


Another great thing that Amy and Keith do, aside for all the giving back is that they enlist the help of workers from Saratoga Bridges to package their products among other chores. For the past five years the Saratoga Bridges groups have worked at Lazy Dog twice a week.


All of Lazy Dogs treats are USA made original recipes that call for only the best dog friendly/dog approved all natural ingredients and they are researched and developed with your dogs’ happiness and health in mind. We feel great giving and promoting treats that are locally made, USA sourced and that support our local community. Thanks Amy and Keith for your friendship and for your great treats!!! You can stop in the store to see all of our great dog products, including Lazy Dog Treats, or shop online!


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