Saratoga Springs Cats Meow Collection

For those of you who love collecting our Saratoga Springs Cats Meow Collection we have now made our list available online! The Saratoga Springs Cats Meow Collection is Exclusive to Impressions of Saratoga and we design each one ourselves!

The list below will be updated each time we create a new Cats Meow Piece as well as anytime one retires. You can click on the name of any of the pieces still available and you will be directed to that piece in our online store! Or you can head over to the Cats Meow Collection Section of our site!

Where you see “Retiring Soon” next to the price that indicates that we haveb36a83f3-2f0d-49c6-a1f7-b3e5a234bb79 less than 10 of those piece available. Though the Saratoga Cats Meow Pieces retire, if there are enough requests we can always bring them back down the road. But we don’t recommend you waiting too long to bring your favorite pieces home!

Our plan is continue adding one piece a year to the Saratoga Springs Cats Meow Collection. We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions as to which buildings or landmarks you would like to see. Please feel free to leave comments here, stop in the store, email us at [email protected], or send us a Facebook Message with any places you would like to see added to the Saratoga Springs Cats Meow Collection. We value everyone’s opinion and really do take you thoughts into consideration when we are designing the new pieces each year.

We have really enjoyed working on this collection and are happy to see that we are still able to grow it.


Name Year Price/Availability
Adelphi Hotel 1998 RETIRED
Adirondack Trust 1998 $18.99
Backstretch Stable 1997 $24.99
Bailey’s Café 2000 RETIRED
Batcheller Mansion Inn 1995 $24.99
Battlefield Monument 2014 $28.99
Bethesda Episcopal Church 2000 $18.99
Big Red Spring 1995 $12.99
Canfield Casino 1994 $18.99 *Retiring Soon
Carousel 2003 RETIRED
City Hall 1998 $21.99
Congress Park 2001 RETIRED
Down the Stretch 1995 $11.99 *Retiring Soon
Fire Station 2007 $22.99
Gideon Putnam Hotel 2004 RETIRED
Grand Union Hotel 1996 $24.99
Hall of Springs 2002 RETIRED
Hathorn Spring 2001 RETIRED
Impressions of Saratoga 2013 $24.99
Lake Avenue School 2003 RETIRED
Menges & Curtis Pharmacy 2009 $19.99
Moon’s Lake House 2003 $14.99
Olde Bryan Inn 2010 RETIRED
Racing Museum 1997 $19.99
Saratogian 2005 $19.99
Saratoga Clubhouse 1995 RETIRED
Saratoga Grandstand 1996 $26.99
Saratoga National Golf Club 2015 $28.99
Saratoga Performing Arts Center 2006 RETIRED
Spa Little Theatre 1996 $18.99
Spirit of Life 1999 $18.99
Spit and Spat Fountains 1999 $14.99
Universal Preservation Hall 2008 $19.99
U.S. Post Office 1998 $18.99
Welcome to Saratoga Sign 2012 $12.99
Yaddo 2004 RETIRED


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