The Downtown Poop Scoop

Here’s our opinion on downtown poop scoop.

Maddy & Mare with the Pack
Maddy & Mare with the Pack in Congress Park

We’ve been lucky enough to be able to bring our dogs to work. It is such a pleasure to have them in the office. They give us the motivation to take them out for multiple walks throughout the day. Often walking to the Adirondack Trust to do our banking (and get treats from all their friends in the main lobby) and always end up walking through Congress Park. Walking through Franklin Square to get to Allerdice Hardware is another regular jaunt.  We cover a lot of ground during our days.

None of us ever leaves the office without a pocket full of baggies to clean up after the Impressions Pups as we go! Lately, we have noticed that not everyone does the same and we worry that this reflects badly on all of us dog owners. We have a responsibility to our downtown – to keep it clean for our residents and our visitors. We are so lucky to have a dog friendly downtown and we worry that those “piles” may jeopardize that. There is nothing worse than stepping in a pile of poo… whether you are a downtown regular or a guest! So become a downtown poop scooper!!!

Maddy and Mare with five Dogs
Photo Credit: Saratoga Living Magazine

We here at Impressions are trying to do our part to keep our streets and parks a “poop pile free zone”. We have a dispenser outside by our front door with baggies for those who might have forgotten them, even if we are closed. When walking our pack, Maddy and I always carry a few extra bags to pick up leavings that are not our own. If we see someone who isn’t picking up their pups “fertilizer”, we offer a bag always assuming that they must have been in a rush and left home without one. If we all did this every time we go for a walk, there would be no problem! We’d like to encourage all of our responsible friends to do the same and maybe we can keep our streets clean. If you don’t have a baggie, stop in, we’ll gladly give you one or two!

We, as a community receive so many compliments from visitors that Saratoga is such a nice, clean and pretty city. PLEASE let’s do our best to keep it that way. Our economy depends on it. There are obviously lots of challenges facing our city. Let’s all give our best efforts to help in this one small but very vital way.

Don’t get me started on the cigarette butts… different ugly problem, same solution! It takes a village!


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