What we are Thankful for here at Impressions of Saratoga

Happy Thanksgiving all! We hope the holiday season is a wonderful one. We at Impressions love this time of year for many reasons. While we miss the racing season and all of its fun, excitement, and visitors, this time of year we get to spend more time with our families, friends, and our four legged companions. We also get to enjoy this lovely city we live in. During the hectic six week racing season we spend so much time here in the store we don’t get out much to enjoy all of the great things our town has to offer. Now with the slower times we try to get out to the many restaurants, shops, and events happening around the area.

We are so lucky to live in a place where you can walk down the street and say hello to all of the people you know. You can take a car ride through some beautiful country or take a quick trip to New York City, Montreal, Rochester, or Boston if you wanted. Walking around downtown is one of our favorite things to do, it is amazing how far it has come since the 70s and how many people have contributed to its success is incredible. Though most stores are closed today the dogs and I walked up and down the street to look at the beautiful windows that so much hard work goes into and sneak a peak at what will be happening on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Before our walk downtown we spent the morning with the horse and goats, cleaning up after all of the rain and snow we had the last few days and enjoying the beautiful crisp fall morning. We are fortunate to live somewhere that we can have all of these hobbies and resources right here at our finger tips. How many people can say they spent the morning on the farm and then got to drive into their beautiful town for a nice walk and a hot chocolate?

We thank the many people who visit our downtown, whether you are local or just visit our area time to time we could not have such a wonderful, prosperous city without all of you. Though very few people would even consider coming into work on Thanksgiving Marianne and I both have stopped in because this store is so much more than our business, all of our wonderful customers and friends have made this a home, and we thank you all for that. We love seeing our regular dog walkers and our not so regular track fans who are only here a day or two. We love being able to welcome so many people into our great city and provide them with a memory to take home with them, whether it be something from our store, another store, or just a few fun facts about the area.

We thank all of the wonderful employees we have had over the years, those who were here for a few months in the summer and those who were here for years and years. Without your efforts and countless hours of dedication we would not be here today. Thank you for helping to make our store a place that people seek out on their visits and return to year after year because of the wonderful service you provide.

We thank all of the not for profits, shelters (for both people and animals), and foundations that provide so much for our city. There is rarely a weekend in Saratoga when there is not a fundraiser (or a four) of some kind. Everyone in this area is so kind and giving. Always looking for ways they can help those who are not as fortunate. We try to be a part of as many causes as we can and there are many we hold near and dear to our hearts. Thank you all who have given their time and contributed to the many causes here in Saratoga. We are blessed to have such a committed community.

We thank all of our families and friends who have helped out through the years here at the store and in the rest of our lives. Without you none of the great things we do would be possible. Thank you for putting up with our crazy schedules, crazy animals, and crazy events! We hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we have and look forward to the many memories in years to come.

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