1999 Travers Poster


By a Nose

This is the 14th poster in The Colors of Racing poster series.
17″ x 33″  Limited Edition

In stock


Three incredible horses came within 6″ of winning it all. Coronado’s Quest won with Mike Smith aboard, but Victory Gallup and Raffie’s Majesty were just a heartbeat away. With about 20 lengths to go, the cheers were deafening, and they got louder. This finish was so close, there were three times as many people thinking — and yelling — that they had the winning ticket. It was wonderful fun. Then came the announcement of the winner from the officials at the finish line — and it was pandemonium all over again.  Thoroughbred racing has always been a beautiful pageant, but it’s the “stand on anything to get a better look,” heart-racing, flat-out adrenaline rush of finishes like these that keep you coming back.


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