Adirondack Candles

Locally made candles by our neighbors in Glenville, New York.

  • Pines of Saratoga (dark green) takes you back to slow drives and long walks through the Spa State Park and its Avenue of the Pines.
  • The Blue Line (bright blue), named for the way the Adirondack Park is often delineated on maps, brings home the sweet scent of spruce with a clean finish.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


We proudly offer quality candle products that capture the Great Adirondacks. With scent names wrapped around the ambiance of the North Country, we hope to remind you of the place you may already live or camp in…or maybe just love to travel thru.

The rustic scents would have served well in the old Adirondack Great Camps of years gone by. Light one today and begin your journey through the Adirondacks yourself


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