Authentic Horseshoe Knife

  • Large Knife is 7″ end of handle to knife point  2 1/2″ blade
  • Small Knife is 5 1/2″ from end of handle to knifepoint  2 1/2″ blade
  • Both come with a handmade leather sheath

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Handmade from a used horse shoe in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee by Fire & Iron Knives these are a truly unique gift for a horse lover or outdoors man. Each knife comes with a handmade leather sheath. As each is handmade, no two are identical.

HORSE SHOE KNIFE. Using half to two thirds of a worn horseshoe, the piece is hot forged at the anvil in 4 or 5 heats. Then bench ground to remove firescale and rough shape. Some hardening achieved by reheating to critical heat and quenching in ice water. Final polishing and sharpening completes the process from well worn horseshoe to one of a kind knife!

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