Roads to Saratoga Book (Softcover)


The Continuing Saga About the Settlement and Defense of New York’s Mohawk Valley During the 1700s

By: Gil Herkimer


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Wednesday, August 6, 1777, was the day of infamy for all British Loyalists (Tories), Colonist Rebels, and Indians living in New York’s Mohawk Valley. The years of pent-up rage and hatred were all disastrously brought together on that day during the Battle of Oriskany that ended with many Tories, Rebels and Indians entangled in a death grip with each other wherever they fell, many never to be found or buried. Everyone in the “valley” knew that peace could never be reached until both Rebels and Tories were conclusively free from the domination of King Charles III of England or the British completely defeated the Rebels, and returned them as subjects of the Royal Crown. Even if the latter was to occur, the absolute defeat of the British and their Tory supporters could be the only acceptable and ultimate solution.


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