Saratoga Dipper Wooden Cup


  • Approximately: 2.5″ by 2″

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Saratoga Springs’ slogan includes “health,” “history” and “horses.” But what about those springs? You could argue that the Spa City’s famous mineral water basically spawned all three H’s; it prompted the town’s health culture, which eventually inspired people to build a racetrack here and that became a big part of Saratoga’s history. Without the mineral springs, none of this would have happened. People traveled from long distances to drink the water as they believed the springs had medicinal properties. The “dipper stick,” a long pole, with three cups attached to it, was used by the young boys who worked at the springs to dip into the springs to get samples for visitors. This dipper cup has that in mind. Travel around town and taste all the different water Saratoga Springs has to offer.


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