Sunflower Solidarity Tee


“Glory to Ukraine” Tee Designs to
help raise funds to assist
The International Red Cross Ukraine Relief Efforts
Each Tee Comes with a Free Packet of Sunflower Seeds


Using the colors of the Ukrainian flag as a background we have placed a sunflower, the country’s official flower, in the center with the words “Glory to Ukraine” a motto often used during times of struggle since the mid 1800’s. Bracketing these words are stylized tridents that represent the Ukrainian crest. Ukraine is the world’s largest producer (70-80%) of sunflower oil and the flower also symbolizes peace and solidarity. This design is available in a natural colored tee with more styles added soon.

We at Impressions are devastated by the current crisis in the Ukraine. We want to help the Ukrainian people to maintain their independence and raise funds by doing what we do best, create shirts.

Co-owners, Marianne Barker and Maddy Zanetti, both worked separately on a design and each had a completely unique take. We decided to go ahead with both designs and quickly enlisted the aid of T-Shirts Graphics to pull the art together, ordered the blank garments and hope to have shirts available by early next week.

“Glory to Ukraine” Tee Designs to help raise funds to assist The International Red Cross Ukraine Relief Efforts

Each Garment Comes with a FREE Package of Sunflower Seeds



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