The Saratoga Chip Porch Package


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Growing up in the 1830s in Saratoga Springs, New York, wasn’t easy for George Crum. Picked on at school because of the dark color of his skin, George escaped into his favorite pastimes—hunting and fishing. Soon George learned to cook as well. As a young man, after many attempts and rejections, George finally landed a job as a chef at Moon’s Lake House, one of the best restaurants in Saratoga Springs. George loved his work but was impatient with fussy customers, whom he felt were overly demanding and quick to complain. One day George’s patience boiled over at a customer who wanted to tell him how to cook the newest food craze—French fried potatoes. In a frenetic effort to appease the customer, George sliced the potatoes so thin that they turned crisp and brown when fried. Amazingly the customer loved the crisp potatoes, and a brand new treat was created.

This porch package comes complete with the book “George Crum and the Potato Chip”, a large bag of Saratoga Chips and A Cats Meow of Moon Lake House.

Includes Free Tote Bag



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