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“Follow your dreams with passion. Turn your worry into undoubting enthusiasm. Take advantage of every opportunity with lightning speed. Learn from your mistakes and celebrate your victories.”

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Two days are never the same in the life of Billy Cole, a music instrument repairman. Plans of scheduled clarinet overhaul are quickly shuffled aside as a renowned artist walks through the door for an adjustment, a chat and tickets to that night’s concert.
Over the course of nearly 50 years in the music business, Billy has become a personal friend and respected repairman to some of the top musicians in the industry. Through his fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, his small music shop is a welcoming haven for musicians to stop by, to gather and be amongst others that share a common interest in music.  He has become a friendly face for a musician on the road, year after year.
From Woodstock, New York City and beyond, come with the band, as you’re transported to sound stages, studios and shows that tell the story of just another day with the music technician. Musical emergencies come in the form of a young student anticipating the repair of their trumpet before their school concert to a backstage repair with thousands of fans waiting. Each one has a story and is told through the eyes of Billy with the band as you are taken on a musical adventure transcending age and background.


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