2020 Saratoga Stakes Races

Saratoga – Stakes Schedule

The 2020 meet at historic Saratoga Race Course features 71 stakes worth $14.45 million in purses. Browse the stakes below to see past race winners.

Saratoga 2020 Meet
Thursday, Jul 16Peter PanIII$100,0003YODirt1 1/8
Thursday, Jul 16SchuylervilleIII$100,000F2YODirt6 Furlongs
Friday, Jul 17De La Rose (R)$85,000F&M 4&UPTurf1 Mile
Friday, Jul 17Shine Again (R)$85,000F&M 4&UPDirt7 Furlongs
Saturday, Jul 18Coaching Club American OaksI$350,000F3YODirt1 1/8
Saturday, Jul 18National Museum of Racing Hall Of FameII$150,0003YOTurf1 1/8
Sunday, Jul 19Lake PlacidII$150,000F3YOTurf1 1/8
Wednesday, Jul 22Lubash (NYB)$85,0004&UPTurf1 1/16
Thursday, Jul 23A. P. Smithwick Memorial (Steeplechase)I$100,0004&UPTurf2 1/16
Thursday, Jul 23NYSS Statue of Liberty Division (R)$100,000F3YOTurf1 1/16
Friday, Jul 24Quick CallIII$100,0003YOTurf5 1/2
Saturday, Jul 25Alfred G. Vanderbilt HandicapI$250,0003&UPDirt6 Furlongs
Saturday, Jul 25Ballston SpaII$200,000F&M 4&UPTurf1 1/16
Sunday, Jul 26Bernard Baruch HandicapII$150,0003&UPTurf1 1/16
Wednesday, Jul 29Dayatthespa (NYB)$85,000F&M 4&UPTurf1 1/16
Thursday, Jul 30John Morrissey (NYB)$85,0003&UPDirt7 Furlongs
Friday, Jul 31Coronation Cup$100,000F3YOTurf5 1/2
Saturday, Aug 01Bowling GreenII$250,0004&UPTurf1 3/8
Saturday, Aug 01Caress$200,000F&M 4&UPTurf5 1/2
Saturday, Aug 01H. Allen Jerkens Memorial presented by RunhappyI$300,0003YODirt7 Furlongs
Saturday, Aug 01Personal Ensign (BC)I$500,000F&M 3&UPDirt1 1/8
Saturday, Aug 01Whitney (BC)I$750,0004&UPDirt1 1/8
Sunday, Aug 02Birdstone$100,0004&UPDirt1 3/4
Wednesday, Aug 05Summer Colony (R)$85,000F&M 4&UPDirt1 1/8
Thursday, Aug 06NYSS Cab Calloway Division (R)$100,0003YOTurf1 1/16
Friday, Aug 07Saratoga SpecialII$150,0002YODirt6 Furlongs
Saturday, Aug 08Ballerina (BC)I$300,000F&M 3&UPDirt7 Furlongs
Saturday, Aug 08Longines TestI$300,000F3YODirt7 Furlongs
Saturday, Aug 08Runhappy TraversI$1,000,0003YODirt1 1/4
Saturday, Aug 08TroyIII$200,0004&UPTurf5 1/2
Saturday, Aug 08WayaIII$150,000F&M 4&UPTurf1 1/2
Sunday, Aug 09Alydar (R)$85,0004&UPDirt1 1/8
Wednesday, Aug 12AdirondackII$150,000F2YODirt6 1/2 Furlongs
Thursday, Aug 13Union Avenue (NYB)$85,000F&M 3&UPDirt7 Furlongs
Friday, Aug 14Perfect Sting$100,000F&M 4&UPTurf1 1/16
Saturday, Aug 15Alabama (BC)I$500,000F3YODirt1 1/4
Saturday, Aug 15Saratoga Derby$500,0003YOTurf1 3/16
Sunday, Aug 16Saratoga Oaks$500,000F3YOTurf1 3/16
Wednesday, Aug 19Bolton Landing$85,000F2YOTurf5 1/2
Thursday, Aug 20New York Turf Writers Cup SteeplechaseI$100,0004&UPTurf2 3/8
Thursday, Aug 20Tale of the Cat (R)$85,0004&UPDirt6 Furlongs
Friday, Aug 21Skidmore$85,0002YOTurf5 1/2
Saturday, Aug 22Fourstardave Handicap (BC)I$400,0003&UPTurf1 Mile
Sunday, Aug 23DianaI$500,000F&M 4&UPTurf1 1/8
Wednesday, Aug 26Mahony$85,0003YOTurf5 1/2
Thursday, Aug 27Smart N Fancy$85,000F&M 4&UPTurf5 1/2 Furlongs
Thursday, Aug 27NYSS Times Square Division$100,0003YODirt6 1/2 Furlongs
Friday, Aug 28Lake GeorgeIII$100,000F3YOTurf1 Mile
Saturday, Aug 29AmsterdamII$150,0003YODirt6 Furlongs
Saturday, Aug 29Forego presented by America’s Best RacingI$300,0004&UPDirt7 Furlongs
Saturday, Aug 29SaranacIII$100,0003YOTurf1 Mile
Saturday, Aug 29Sword Dancer (BC)I$500,0004&UPTurf1 1/2
Sunday, Aug 30ShuveeIII$125,000F&M 4&UPDirt1 1/8
Wednesday, Sep 02With AnticipationIII$100,0002YOTurf1 1/16
Thursday, Sep 03P. G. Johnson$100,000F2YOTurf1 1/16
Thursday, Sep 03NYSS Park Avenue Division$100,000F 3YODirt6 1/2 Furlongs
Friday, Sep 04Albany (NYB)$150,0003YODirt1 1/8
Friday, Sep 04Fleet Indian (NYB)$150,000F3YODirt1 1/8
Friday, Sep 04Funny Cide (NYB)$150,0002YODirt6 1/2 Furlongs
Friday, Sep 04Seeking the Ante (NYB)$150,000F2YODirt6 1/2 Furlongs
Friday, Sep 04West Point$150,0003&UPTurf1 1/16
Friday, Sep 04Yaddo (NYB)$150,000F&M 3&UPTurf1 1/16
Saturday, Sep 05Glens FallsII$200,000F&M 4&UPTurf1 3/8
Saturday, Sep 05Jim DandyII$150,0003YODirt1 1/8
Saturday, Sep 05PrioressII$200,000F3YODirt6 Furlongs
Saturday, Sep 05WoodwardI$500,0003&UPDirt1 1/4
Sunday, Sep 06Honorable Miss HandicapII$150,000F&M 3&UPDirt6 Furlongs
Sunday, Sep 06Lucky Coin (R)$85,0004&UPTurf5 1/2 Furlongs
Sunday, Sep 06SpinawayI$250,000F2YODirt7 Furlongs
Monday, Sep 07Lure (R)$85,0004&UPTurf1 1/16
Monday, Sep 07Runhappy HopefulI$250,0002YODirt7 Furlongs

Schedule courtesy of NYRA

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