Reopening in COVID

Downtown Saratoga Springs is reopening… but COVID-19 is still open for business too.

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First and foremost, I want to thank all of our customers for supporting our small business through this shutdown. The loyalty and sense of community that you have shown us has truly meant the world to all of us at Impressions. We sincerely thank you for everything. As businesses like ours begin to reopen we are not only obliged to abide by state guidelines, but we believe it is our duty to our customers, employees and community to do our utmost in helping to provide a safe environment for everyone downtown. It has not been an easy transition for us, nor for many other businesses, but it is certainly a worthwhile endeavor to remain cautious and optimistic.

This blog was sparked by three comments I heard today.

“I see you guys aren’t chickens like the store down the street, they’re still doing curbside”

“You don’t have to worry about sanitizing before touching my stuff, I am not one of those crazy people”

“I saw your sign stating that masks are required to enter the store, but I wasn’t going to put it on unless you asked”

Comments like those above have been rattling around in the back of my mind all day. I understand that we are all free to have our own thoughts and opinions of course, and I realize that some would disagree with mine, but for what it’s worth I offer my perspective.

My response to another store being “chicken”, was saying that everyone is doing the best they can to get reopened. It was an awful thing to say about anyone’s business during this time. We have no idea what the owner, manager, or staff is going through. Most likely they wake up every day thinking “Is my business going to survive this?” and “What do I do?” There are many things that could be a factor in keeping them from opening, but it is definitely not because they aren’t trying.  Believe me we are all trying. Our businesses are not a hobby for us, they are our livelihoods and they support not only us but our staff and our community.


To the people who think all of the cleaning

precautions are crazy I simply say “we are just doing our part to stop the spread of germs.” We are offering contactless payments, sanitizing surfaces, cleaning, and more for your safety and ours. It is not crazy and people who are concerned about their health and others’ are not crazy either… they are considerate. The people who are looking without touching, who are asking for assistance, and are doing their part to stop the spread of this horrible disease should be commended, not insulted. It is not called crazy, it is called caring.

As for requiring masks, a friend said it best; “If we [people working downtown] can wear these masks for 8 or more hours a day for our customer’s safety then guests should be able to wear them for the 1 hour they spend downtown.”

Yes, walking downtown is outside but our sidewalks are no more than 20 feet wide max, you cannot stay 6 feet away from everyone. Wearing the mask says “I see all of you on the sidewalk with me and I care about each of you.” Masks (covering both your mouth and nose) are required to come into our store because we not only want everyone visiting our store to be comfortable we want our staff to be safe. They are putting themselves at risk every day. We interact with people from all over the world and we do not know where they have been or who they’ve come in contact with. The masks are a simple, small step in helping to keep everyone healthy.

Our city’s motto is “health, history, and horses” we should be the epitome of being safe during the pandemic. Health is what


put Saratoga Springs on the map, and it is what will keep us there throughout this pandemic. We all need to work together to keep Saratoga Springs the vibrant community we know and love. We ask you to please be patient with all of the downtown businesses as we adjust to all of these new ways of living and working. Wear your masks, sanitize, look with your eyes not your hands, spread out, be courteous of others and support local businesses.

Our doors are open, and our stores are clean, but we are not immune to COVID-19.

-Maddy Zanetti

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