Consolidated Business Precautions Plan


Impressions of Saratoga

368 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

The Dark Horse Mercantile

445 Broadway

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Office Phone: 518-587-0666

This Consolidated Business Precautions Plan addresses the Governor’s Reopening New York Guidelines for all businesses in New York.  The retail businesses covered by this Plan are both retail establishments in the City of Saratoga Springs under common ownership and control, and have similar physical spaces and layouts, staffing ratios and business policies and procedures, therefore this Consolidated Plan consistently applies to both businesses covered by this plan.

Marianne Barker and Madison Zanetti

Business Precautions Plan per Region Guidelines for Re-Opening New York State 

Section 1: Adjust workplace hours and shift design to reduce density in the workplace

*Staggered shifts implemented both in the office and on the sales floor to reduce density. Office and sales floor redesigned to allow for employee and client distancing.

*Limited number of staff members on the sales floor simultaneously.

Section 2: Enact Social Distancing Protocol

*Floor markers located six feet apart from any place where clients are likely to queue.

*Sales aisles will be widened to allow for clients to easily maintain the recommended 6 feet.

*Social distancing signage will clearly be placed throughout the sales floor to direct social distancing, customer flow, BOPIS, and occupancy.

*CDC posters promoting frequent and thorough hand-washing in all restrooms. Restrooms closed to the public.

*Occupancy contained to 1 person per 113.1 square feet/ approx. 6 ft. radius, not to exceed 10 people At Impressions of Saratoga, 6 people at The Dark Horse Mercantile (includes clients and employees).

*Temporary suspension of all non-employee truck drivers from entering the store, deliveries dropped at side mailroom door.

*Sneeze-guards in place at checkout counter, and second mobile checkout station if needed.

*Encourage the use of contactless payment options for employees and clients, contactless signatures for deliveries and employees to use their own pens.

*Clients allowed to make one-on-one appointments.

Section 3: Restrict Non-Essential Travel for Employees

*Temporary suspension of all employee travel, employees suspended from attending trade shows.

*Temporary restrictions on bank and post office errands.

Section 4: Require all employees and clients to wear masks

*Clients will be supplied with disposable masks and required to wear a face-covering at all times while in the shop. Both mouth and nose must be covered.

*Employees will be supplied with a cloth mask and required to wear a face-covering at all times. They may choose to wear their own as long as it meets requirements.

Section 5: Implement strict cleaning and sanitation standards

*Hand-sanitizing stations throughout the shops. Disposable gloves and masks are available upon entry.

*Returned items will be disinfected and set aside for 24 hours before returning to the sales floor. Returns will require the addition of disposable gloves to process.

*Fitting room (Impressions of Saratoga) will be disinfected before and after each use.

*Clients will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer/wipes before trying on items and to keep a protective mask on during fitting.

*Items that have been tried on will be segregated for a minimum of 24 hours before being returned to the sales floor.

*Cleaning “kits” placed throughout the store to include disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, paper towels, masks, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies.

*Hours to be shortened to allow for nightly deep cleanings.

*Cleaning regime targeting frequently touched surfaces and spaces –
     Door and Drawer Handles
     Light and power switches
     Shared tools such as pricing guns, box cutters, etc.
     Chairs, tables, benches
     Cash register
     Pin Pads
     Checkout Dividers
     Any other identified “high-touch” surfaces

*Employee Training
     Social Distancing Guidelines and Expectations
     How to monitor personal health and body temperature at home
     How to properly wear, remove, and dispose of face masks and PPE
     Cleaning protocol, including how to safely and effectively use cleaning supplies.

Section 6: Enact continuous health screening process for employees to enter the workplace

* Implement Basic Infection Prevention Measurements per OSHA 3990-03 2020.

*Identify COVID-19 workplace coordinator to ensure practices are followed and updated per federal and state guidelines.

* Employees will be pre-screened at home, this screening will include a questionnaire and self-certifications, i.e. temperature and symptoms checks. Any potential COVID-19 symptoms and the employee will be removed from their shift and advised to contact their medical provider.

Section 7: Continue tracing, tracking and reporting of cases

*Work with New York State Health Department.

*In the event that an employee contracts coronavirus, they will be required to give an update on their status weekly and stay away from the office and stores until at least 14 days have elapsed and are free of symptoms.

*In the event an employee becomes aware of being in contact with any other person who
tests positive for Coronavirus, that person shall not return to work or directly interact
with any client or other employee (except by remote means) until 14 days have elapsed
with no manifestation of symptoms.

Section 8: Develop Liability Process

*Ensure all insurance policies are up to date with the latest COVID-19 coverage.

*Adhere to the FFCRA and any New York State requirements.

*Employees will not interact with clients or other employee’s directly or with third
persons in the course of their employment duties, if they experience any symptoms, they will refrain from all direct contact with clients and others in the work context until they have remained symptom-free for 14 consecutive days. If any employee who has direct physical contact with any client and then develops symptoms within 14 days after such client contact, such employee will notify us, and we will endeavor to notify the client or clients involved that they may have inadvertently been in close proximity to an employee who has developed symptoms and that they should consider self-quarantining measures
to minimize the risk of infecting others that they may have had physical contact with
within 14 days of being in contact with the employee in question.

*Plan is based on National Retail Federation Guidelines
*OSHA 3990-03 2020 Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

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