Doggie Wall of Fame

coryMany moons ago, a good friend and co-worker, Tom Burnes suggested that we have a water dish outside the store for the many dogs that often stopped in to the shop to give us wags and licks! Since we had some wonderful bowls for sale and we put one right out that day. The treats were not far behind and now there are lots of dogs that will not let their people walk by without a treat, a hello lick or woof and a slurp of good old Saratoga water! In the late 90’s, one dog in particular became such a regular and was so beloved by all of us, that we took his picture and hung it in our doorway. With that first picture of Cory the Golden Retriever, Our “Doggie Wall of Fame” was born! We try to snap a picture of most dogs when they stop in to visit and post the pictures on the wall. As the wall fills up, we move the pics to a scrap book in chronological order. It is great fun to find puppy pictures in the album and watch the pups grow up! If we aren’t bale to snap a picture or your dog is not with you, we’d love for you to email one to us or post it on our Facebook page !

As the sign in our window says “Dogs and their Humans Welcome”. On occasion there might be a customer who is allergic or fearful of dogs and most of our dog owners are respectful of this fact. In all the years of welcoming our 2 and 4 legged friends, we have truly had very few problems. In this, as in everything else we try to do, respecting each other is the first rule of life!

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