[caption id="attachment_163" align="alignright" width="300"]The Impressions of Saratoga Logo featuring Champ, Beau and Dave/Mare??? The Impressions of Saratoga Logo featuring Champ, Beau and Dave/Mare???[/caption] Many of you may wonder where our logo came from! We’ve had a few variations over the years but the logo we currently use was designed around 1998-1999. Dave and I wanted to retain a similar look to the logo we used through most of the 90’s but wanted something less generic and more representative of what is near and dear to us. Horses and dogs play an important role in our lives, in our business and in Saratoga Springs, so we thought, what better than to use our dog Champ (a springer spaniel) our horse First Impression, aka Beau (a thoroughbred) and a person (is it Dave or is it Mare???...) We knew how we wanted it to look but needed some help putting it together so off we went to see Larry Ambrosino at Ambrosino Designs http://www.ambrosinodesign.com/ and the current logo was born. Although both Champ and Beau have crossed over the rainbow bridge, the logo is a constant reminder of the joy our animals and our business bring to our lives.