Herc’s History

hercHello, I’m Herc, short for Hercules of course. Maddy is my person and I am her dog. Yes she and I share Smalls, Smitty, and all of the other animals but I am her soul mate. Maddy’s mom is the one who found me first, I was about 4 months old and up for adoption, I was a stray. When she brought Maddy to see me I had been adopted already. But lucky for me, and for Maddy, the people who adopted me decided I wasn’t what they wanted and returned me. The next day Maddy, Molly, Jake, and Karyn came to pick me up. Jake came up with my name. Maybe you think it is odd for a girl dog to be named Herc but it fits me perfectly. I am named after “The Beast” in The Sandlot, I am strong, and tough, and independent. Maddy makes sure to let everyone know that I am the prettiest dog she has ever met, and I can’t blame her.

I lived with all of the Zanetti’s for four years then I got to go to college with Maddy. I was a huge hit on campus. Everyone knew “Herc”. Maddy was known as “the girl with Herc”. I had a great time at school. I went to the barn, the athletic training room, sporting events, and on tons of walks all over campus and in parks.

I love walking, Maddy takes me and the boys on tons of walks, I could walkIMG_1075 forever. If you say “Herc, you want to walk?” I am at the door before you can finish the sentence. When I was younger I had really bad knees and I could not walk much, Maddy had Dr. Anderson at Ballston Spa Vet fix me up and since then I’ve been good to go! Karyn still gets to watch me from time to time and she takes me on lots of walks too, she calls me “Her Girl” and John always calls me “Hercy Boy”, he doesn’t think I’m a girl. If it is really hot Maddy and Zach like to take us swimming, this is something Smalls hates, and as of now, Smitty has not done. Smalls is afraid of the water, which is not surprise since he is afraid of everything! But I love it. I like to drink the fresh water, roll in the mud, chase sticks, and wade around.

Unlike all of the other Impressions dogs, I am very calm. I am eleven now but even when I was younger I was calmer than these pups today. They are pretty wild sometimes, and they get into trouble a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to cause some mischief, but I guess I was better at not getting caught. I am the one who keeps the pups from getting too wild at meetings and makes sure they really think about things before they make some sort of crazy decision. But no matter what I tell Smitty and Pupa about stealing things to chew they don’t get it. I was taught to never touch things without permission, those two act like they own the place and everything is a free for all! Cookie and Smalls are much better about this, they are more mature.

Other than overseeing things and walking I do a lot of relaxing. Either out in the sun watching the horses and goats (who are more trouble than anyone) or on the couch at home. Smalls is nice enough to dig some good holes for me to snooze in when it is hot, I like to help him with that when I can.

I’m not usually at the store, but sometimes I stop in for special occasions, my brother Smitty represents me. So if you need anything let him know and he will run it by me. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me.

Some photos from Heather Bohn-Tallman

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