Smalls’ Story

Smalls PlayingHey all, my name is Smalls, many of you have met me over the years. I am one of Maddy’s dogs and I used to be more active on the board of directors at Impressions. Lately I have been relaxing at home with Hercules, I get nervous downtown because I am a big baby. Like my younger brother Smitty I am a hound dog from the south, but I am from Tennessee, I have a southern accent even though I’ve been here since I was little! I am four now, time flies! I feel like I was just a pup pestering Herc to play with me, now that is Smitty’s job, he is good at it.Smalls Comfy

My name isn’t because of my size, though I do think I am a lap dog! I am named after Scotty Smalls from the classic baseball movie Sandlot. See Herc is named after the dog in it and I am the little boy! I bet you’ve heard the quote “you’re killing me Smalls”, well I hear it a lot! Smitty didn’t get a Sandlot name, which I don’t like, so I tease him and call him Squints.

Smalls Hunting
Me Hunting… Yep, I dug out the middle of that log!

I’m known for a few things around these parts: Running at high speeds, digging giant holes, having incredibly soft ears, and being the biggest cuddler you’ve FullSizeRenderever met! I act real tough cause I get nervous but I am a big mush who loves being pet. As you can see from my photos I spend a lot of time in some crazy sleeping positions trying to get people to pet me! If people won’t cuddle me I force my sister to by sitting on top of her, Smitty gets really upset about this cause he is so small I squash him. I run for a lot of things but my favorites are: agility, hunting, and to get my friends to chase me… I love running, it is great! I’m not supposed IMG_6977to hunt though, Maddy and Zach try not to let me, but someone has to keep all of those critters out of our yard! As for digging holes, I’m not supposed to do that either but Maddy gets such a kick out of it she lets me and I am good at it; I’ve dug holes big enough to fit myself and Herc in them comfortably. The hole usually starts as some critter’s home, I make it mine though!

That’s just about all there is to know about me. I’m a simple pup. I like simple things. My reason for living is to love Maddy, Zach, Herc, and Smitty. Nothing means more to me than them.



Photo credit Heather Bohm Tallman

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