Impressions’ Fathers

Father’s Day is approaching and as we are getting the store ready to help everyone celebrate our Dad’s, we decided to blog this tribute to some of the dads of Impressions staffers and our thoughts about them. All of us here wish all of you fathers the most happy of days celebrating all that you do!


My Dad, Hans Hustedt was a man of very few words so, it’s not so much that he shared words of wisdom, rather he showed me acts of wisdom that profoundly affected the person I have become. He was a very hardworking and honest man who led by example. He showed me that starting everyday with the goal of moving ahead will eventually get you where you want to go.  He taught me tOpaRepairshat gifts of his time were far more valuable than any tangible item and those times created treasured memories that will last me forever. Every year I struggled to come up with a perfect gift for him, it was so hard to find him something with special meaning, but I know his favorite gifts were our vacations (the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier, Germany, Maine and more), holidays, building his infamous dollhouses, group projects like creating the wooden reindeer that a lot of you might remember, and special just him and me times. He is now been gone almost a year and the thought of not having to get a card and celebrate with our traditional Father’s Day BBQ saddens me… Enjoy your Dad’s while you have them and celebrate his part in your life!


Maddy and JohnMy father, John Zanetti, has taught me more than I can ever write down, all though I have always sworn I would write a book with all of his habits, etc. I can think of many things he has said to me over the years and even more things he has taught me without saying anything at all.

Every morning when my dad would leave the house he would say good bye to each of us individually and tell each of us “Do your best”. No matter what he always wanted us to make sure we gave everyday everything we had. To work hard and be the best person we could be, no matter what it was we were doing. My father does his best every day. He works hard to provide the best for his family, he is self-sacrificing and proud. He would do anything for his children and always put our needs and wants before his. He works from sun up to sun down and never asks for anything in return. Like him, I am unable to relax, there is always something more to do. Though he wishes for my sake that I had not inherited his work ethic I am very proud of how similar I am to him and hope that I too can encourage people to always do their best.

Jen and Tim


My father, Tim Frame, always stressed the importance of family. His family is his number one priority. His children are his pride and joy and his wife is the love of his life (other than that huge fish that he caught last summer). When you have your family and their love, you have everything.


Rob Motala always reminds Bailey that if you make a mistake there is always a chance to make up for it. Do not give up immediately. Try to make the best out of what has happened and learn from it.


My father, Ted Garwood, gave me the gift of curiosity. He taught me the beauty of learning and to never stop asking questions. He was truly a Renaissance man and an inspiration to many. He was generous with his time and I have many fond memories of him showing me and all of the neighborhood kids some cool science experiments. There are still so many things I wish I could ask him. I am grateful for the 19 years I had, and for all of the wonderful things he gave to his family.


My father owned his own business and loaned me money to start my own business, at the time Impress Tee Shirt Art. He is the one who gave me my entrepreneurial spirit. He liked to watch the catch register and agreed we always had too much inventory! He was a volunteer fireman and a Mason.


I have been blessed to have a great Dad. He is probably the funniest man I know. Always playing jokes on us kids. Too many to list but always a great laugh when we share the stories. He also loves to travel. Not by plane. To this day he still hasn’t flown on a plane.  He bought a camper when we were kids and we traveled all over the United States. We even lived a year in that camper in Arizona. He loved Disney so much that when it opened in Florida we were one of the 1st families to go.  So many great memories.  The biggest lesson he taught his children was to always give 100% in everything you do. To him that was a successful person. Love you Daddy!!

There are so many things each of our fathers have taught us; too many to list here. So thank you to every father out there for teaching their children many valuable life lessons. 


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