Upsets Summer Recap

Hello from Upset, The Dark Horse of Saratoga! I wanted to give you all a little recap of my first summer here and all of the fun I have had! Starting with my launch party in June and ending with my meet and greets each week at Impressions of Saratoga this summer has been filled with fun and friends! I am so happy to be a part of the excitement and festivities!

June 14 was the launch for the new brand The Dark Horse of Saratoga… Starring Me! I had a blast walking in the Memorial Day Parade with Mare, Maddy, and Longshot from Vicki Addesso-Dodd’s book A Moose in My Stable. After the Parade we had a great party at Gaffney’s Restaurant. All kinds of people came to meet me, see the new products, and win great prizes. Kevin, the head chef, even made a dish inspired by me “Mini-Sliders”.

      upset with sign     upset with cuko

After the launch I took a little time off until racing season. I brushed up on my trivia and my rolling in the dirt skills. Once a week Mare and Maddy would bring me downtown to Impressions of Saratoga and I would greet all of my friends outside. Sometimes iRun Local would host Scavenger Runs on the same night and all of the runners would pet me and pose for pictures! I met some great friends like Layla the dog who liked to steal my animal cracker snacks, and Olivia, a little girl who visited me multiple times! I also got to pick on Kathryn and Sarah, both work at Impressions of Saratoga, they liked when I nibbled them, no matter what they tell you! My favorite night was probably the night it rained for a little bit and the girls let me in the store!

IMG_6128      olivia and upset     maddy and upset

This year was the first year the Impressions of Saratoga was the vendor for The Saratoga Polo Association. I got to go to three of the matches and I must say, it was my favorite place to go! I got to eat tons of grass and Mare and Maddy would bring my cart so I could parade around in it. I also got to go on the field to stomp divets. When my favorite polo ponies would run by I would always let out a squeal of encouragement and the crowd loved it. One night Cuko Escapite tried to ride me, but he was too tall, plus I already told Edgar Prado that if I ever needed a jockey he’s my guy! One night Mare and Maddy decided I should do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… I did not like that idea. It was not fun, you can check out the video of me doing it and the video of the Impressions Staff doing it too! Polo was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back next year.

upset in hall     upset in store     irun local scavenger hunt

I haven’t come downtown since Traver’s week now but I plan on making some more visits this fall and winter. I am just taking a break from all of the craziness of the summer. Right now you will find me laying in my field with my friends, Flye, Sunny, and Butch. I go for walks with the dogs on some mornings and I have some guests come visit me every so often too. Keep updated on what I am doing by visiting the facebook page of The Dark Horse of Saratoga and Impressions of Saratoga.

upset in hat     kids w upset     oma on cart

If you have any pictures of you wearing some of The Dark Horse merchandise I would love to see! This is my friend and accountant with his childhood fiends wearing my hats, they look sharp right!? Also check out some of the new merchandise with my logo on it, I know the girls are busy ordering new items and trying to come up with some great things for all of you. I know that my wishlist includes a red embroidered blanket from Saratoga Horseworks, and a nice leather halter! Thanks for following me everyone!

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