Meet Kathryn!

This winter we thought we would take some time to introduce you to our awesome Impressions staff, or as we like to call them; family! Many of us have been here a long time and all of us spend a lot of time together. We are not only co-workers but friends. We want to share with you a little bio about each of us! We decided to start with Kathryn. This summer she will be celebrating her 5 year anniversary with us. She started in 2012 when she was still in high school. She is now a Junior at SUNY Cortland, time flies!

What made you want to work at IOS?

Kathryn with Jasper

I loved visiting the store when I was younger because of the amazing selection of equestrian gift items. It’s funny a lot of my Christmas presents came from Impressions when I was younger. Now a lot of Christmas presents I buy come from Impressions. I remember walking by one evening in the summer and saw one of the girls restocking the souvenir display and thinking that would be a cool job. My cousin started working here and somehow I got the idea from her to apply to work here and the rest is history.

What is your favorite hobby when not working?

Riding and caring for horses.

What is your favorite IOS memory or story?

I have accumulated many memories over the years. My favorite memories would have to include the three years I went to Far Hills, the road trip to Pennsylvania to get upset fitted for his harness, and the time I learned how to drive upset. I loved all of these outings because it allowed me to get to know my work family even better and accumulate many laughs. Like when Kayleah shuffled to the car early in the morning wrapped in her sleeping bag and a bandana wrapped around her head after we told her we couldn’t back the truck up to the deck and roll her out. Far Hills was always an exciting day full of many stories. It was crazy how fast the grounds transformed when people from all over arrived and tailgated all day long. Or there was the time upset pretended he was an Amish horse while we stopped to have lunch at what we were told was an Amish smorgasbord by our new friends Alvin and Melvin. But I will never forget when upset just started to roll while I was trying to figure out how to drive him. Every day at Impressions allows me to create many fond memories that I will cherish forever.

Kathryn Maddy and UpsetWhat is something that we may not know about you?

I really don’t know I think you know quite a bit about me… one thing customers may not know about Kathryn is she makes delicious cookies and desserts… but we devour them too quickly to share!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I want to be a math teacher in a high needs school and work for Impressions in the summer.

What is your favorite IOS product?

Anything Dark Horse related!!

Who are your pets?

Currently none. However I am working on convincing my parents to get a dog. I did however have a dog and horse but they have since passed away.

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