Tote Bag Tuesday Talk

There are so many fun things that we have going on, it was hard for me to focus on just one for now! I decided to tell you about our Tote Bag Tuesday program that we started in 2007( I think)! Many of you may not even know that this program exists so I will fill you in on the details. The way it works is – Shop on Tuesday with your Impressions tote and we will give you 10% off your purchases that day.

In an effort to reduce the number of paper and plastic bags we all use, we design a re-useable “Impressions” shopper tote every few years. We use the bag quite often as a giveaway and they are always for sale –tote bags they make a great souvenir! The first tote was a natural colored bag with pawprints and hoofprints all over it. A few years later we commissioned local artist, Jerry Bradley from Saratoga Notecards to create a piece of art for a new bag. In 2012 we created a natural burlap bag with our logo and a large 12866 on it in forest green (our favorite color!) with extra-long handles! Who knows what the next one will be???

Hope to see you next Tuesday!

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