Author: Maddy Zanetti

Meet The Lazy Dog Cookie Company

Every now and again we like to give a shout out to one of our favorite local vendors! Of course they are all our favorites and over time we’ll get to them all! Amy and Keith from The Lazy Dog Cookie Company started out as visitors to Impressions with all of their wonderful canine family….
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A Brief Breyer History

Do you love our Breyer model horses? Breyer Animal Creations started out in the late 1940s as Breyer Modeling Company in Chicago, Illinois. Sam Stone and Charles Schiff made plastic parts for anything you can think of from airplanes to clocks in your home! When they received a special order in 1950 the Breyer Company…
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Commonly Asked Questions about Mini Horses

A little bit about Upset, our miniature horse mascot! What are American Miniature Horses? American Miniatures Horses, or Minis, are the smallest breed of horse. To be a Mini the horse must be less than 34 inches at the base of the withers (the last hairs of the mane before the back). Miniature horses must…
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Maple Sugaring

  We’ve been selling Mapleland Farms products for years at Impressions and after years for getting invitations to join them for their annual pancake breakfast, I finally got to go!  They are a wonderful family run business that is a joy to work with. We have always tried to source as many of the products we…
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Year of the Dog

All of us here at Impressions LOVE dogs and when we heard that this year is the Year of the Dog, we decided to do a bit of research to find out what that meant! According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, The Year of the Dog started February 16 of 2018 and ends February 4…
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Bit of History on 368 Broadway

If you’ve ever been in our store, you’re likely to have noticed some features not often seen in retail spaces. Details like the marble bar that runs through the center of our shop like a spine, or the depositors’ station now home to yummy smelling soaps, or the not-so-subtle hint on the Broadway facade. Evidently,…
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The History of Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports.  It can be dated back to the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia racing horses since early domestication. The origin of modern racing started in the 12th century, when English Knights returned from crusades with Arabian horses. The Thoroughbred horse was produced when Arabian stallions were bred…
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Meet Alexa Benware, one of the wonderful individuals that make up our Impressions “family”. I think that Alexa became part of the family long ago, when her Mom brought her to work at her shop after school just up the block from us. When she was old enough, Alexa was allowed to come the few…
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