Dating in Saratoga Springs

We get asked about the dates on our merchandise all the time. Saratoga Springs has a lot of “dates.” Depending on what you are focusing on there is an important date to go with it! We thought that it would be helpful to give a brief timeline of some of the dates you will see on merchandise in our stores.

You’ll note that all of these dates relate to Saratoga Springs’ mantra “Health, History, and Horses”.

Timeline of Saratoga Springs



1771- Mohawk Indians brought Sir William Johnson to be healed by the “Medicine Spring of the Great Spirit” after he was injured in the Battle of Lake George (Originally thought to be 1767

1777- The Battle of Saratoga takes place, the turning point of the revolution

1803- Putnam’s Boarding House is opened, putting Saratoga Springs on the map as a tourist destination

1819- Saratoga Springs is established as a town

1826- The Village Charter is written

1863- The first season of Thoroughbred Racing (it was only four days long)

1864-Saratoga Race Course moves to its current location and the first running of the Travers Stakes Race takes place

1898- The Saratoga Polo Association is formed

1903- The Young Women’s Institutional Club (Skidmore College) opens

1915- Saratoga Springs is incorporated as a city

1919- Upset beats Man o’ War. Starting the “Graveyard of Favorites” legend

1920- Canfield Casino is built in Congress Park

Two dates we did not put on our time line but we think are pretty important are 1978 when Impressions of Saratoga started business and 2018 when we opened The Dark Horse Mercantile!

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