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Celebrate the latest Dark Horse, Washington Nationals

The world is celebrating another Dark Horse and a big unexpected winner!!! This past week, against all odds, the Washington Nationals won the 2019 World Series of Baseball Championship. I am not a big fan of watching baseball but I have to say, I DID watch this series! You ask why the change of heart……
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Upset’s Leg Up to UPH

Join The Dark Horse Mercantile in supporting our neighbors, The Universal Preservation Hall (UPH), on their journey to renovate their historic space. The night will include a wine tasting with Old Tavern Farm Winery, live entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, and the launching of a limited edition UPH/Dark Horse Tee Shirt. 10% of all sales from the evening will be donated…
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2019 Dog Day Coloring Contest

This year’s coloring contest features dog agility! The Impressions Pups’ FAVORITE acitivty! We love taking them to pracitce their skills at High Goal Farm in Greenwhich. They have so much fun! Cookie loves to jump, Smalls loves the tunnel, Pupa loves the teeter, and Smitty enjoys the Dog Walk! Most of all they love being…
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Meet The Lazy Dog Cookie Company

Every now and again we like to give a shout out to one of our favorite local vendors! Of course they are all our favorites and over time we’ll get to them all! Amy and Keith from The Lazy Dog Cookie Company started out as visitors to Impressions with all of their wonderful canine family….
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A Brief Breyer History

Do you love our Breyer model horses? Breyer Animal Creations started out in the late 1940s as Breyer Modeling Company in Chicago, Illinois. Sam Stone and Charles Schiff made plastic parts for anything you can think of from airplanes to clocks in your home! When they received a special order in 1950 the Breyer Company…
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Commonly Asked Questions about Mini Horses

A little bit about Upset, our miniature horse mascot! What are American Miniature Horses? American Miniatures Horses, or Minis, are the smallest breed of horse. To be a Mini the horse must be less than 34 inches at the base of the withers (the last hairs of the mane before the back). Miniature horses must…
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Maple Sugaring

  We’ve been selling Mapleland Farms products for years at Impressions and after years for getting invitations to join them for their annual pancake breakfast, I finally got to go!  They are a wonderful family run business that is a joy to work with. We have always tried to source as many of the products we…
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