Pupa’s Ponderings in Saratoga

Well, pupa puppyI guess it’s my turn to tell my story. My name is Pupa and I am a English Springer Spaniel like my sister Cookie, who you met in her earlier blog. I am more of what they call a “bench” spaniel. This means that I was bred more for showing than for hunting, but I’m pretty good at both. I love to hunt leaves, sticks and snowflakes and I am often told how pretty I am! My people are Mare & Dave and Cookie is my “sister”.


Jennifer, who is one of Mare’s friends who worked at Impressions, knew that Mare wanted to get a pupa cookiebuddy for Cookie to play with. Dave was on the fence since he sez Cookie was almost the death of him through her puppy days. Cookie is kinda high strung and needed something to focus her attention and love on, when Mare and Dave are at work. So anyway, Jen had these friends, Jason and Johnny who had a litter of puppies on February 5th of last year, looking for homes. Mare convinced Dave to “just go see them” plus she bribed him with the promise of dinner at Brooks BBQ on the way home! I know they came to look at one of my sisters but my adorableness and smarts won them over! My mom Pippa and my dad Rex, decided that they were ok and when I was old enough I would go live with them in Saratoga. Three weeks and another Brooks BBQ dinner later, I came HOME!

I guess one of my jobs here is toy tester. Sometimes Mare and Maddy get mad at me ‘cause I steal some of the when I’m loose in the store. I don’t get why they correct me…  Mare sez I still have to learn some boundaries… whatever that means! I also like to sneak treats off their desks and I really got in trouble today when I took Jamie’s mitten and modified the shape a bit… with my teeth.

pupa smittyEverybody here sez me and my best pal Smitty are stress reducers. Whenever anyone gets stressed (I admit I don’t know what that means…) they come get some lovin’ and they feel better. Works out pretty well for us too! They say we’re “entertaining” but all we do is try to keep each other outta trouble!


pupa1One of my favorite duties here at Impressions is to act as the security dog when Mare goes to the Adirondack Trust Company and does the store banking. I’m not sure what a security dog normally does, but in my world, I check out the passersby, sniff all the curbs, look pretty and collect the dog biscuits at bank when we get there. All the bank people really like to see me and my pals when we go there. I guess we do that “stress” reducer thing there too!

When you’re strolling around dog friendly downtown Saratoga, bring your humans by and see my crew at Impressions! We love company and hope that you like our store too! Make sure they take your picture for that Wall of Fame and have a treat, on us!

Sniffs and nibbles,


crew of 3

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