Smitty’s Scoop

Recently everyone has been seeing a lot of me! I am the newest addition toSmitty Shop Small the pack at Maddy’s house and the only one who comes to work every day… they’ve got me working like a dog! My name is Smitty, and I am about a year old. I’m not sure what kind of dog I am but I am from the south so I probably have some hound in me, maybe a terrier? Maddy and Mare call me a “kitty-fox” cause I act like a cat and look like a fox. I was adopted from Rottie Empire Rescue who saved me from a kill shelter in Alabama (Roll Tide!). I now have an awesome life living on Maddy and Zach’s little farm with my siblings. Hercules (my older sister), Smalls (my older brother), two goats (Sunny and Butch), and two horses (Flye, and the famous Upset).

When I am at work I spend most of the time supervising the girls from the radiator in the office, this is the best spot because I am very warm and I Smitty and Pupacan look out the window. If Pupa is here I usually have to spend a good deal of time chewing on her ears, she likes it… I think. Sometimes I get to be in the store and I love it. I sit quietly by the door and greet everyone who comes in, people love me!

When I’m not working at Impressions I am usually doing something devious, I have to be so good at the store that I have lots of energy when I am home. I chase all of my toys and my siblings all over the house. I get really hungry and try to eat anything I see; loaves of bread,IMG_6987 bananas, and sometimes pillows! I have learned that eating pillows and stealing from the counter gets me in trouble, Herc told me not to do that, she was right!

I also take agility at High Goal Farm with Pupa and Smalls. Cookie knows a lot more than us but we are learning quickly, we want to be in class with her soon! I am pretty fast and I am not afraid of anything! But sometimes I get distracted in class, there is a really cute Collie named Callie… I can’t Smitty Sweaterhelp myself!

So that’s a bit about me! Stop in the store to see me next time you are out walking around downtown! I am just about always in the office. Or come to the Birthday “Paw”ty for all of us dogs on March 21!

See you all soon,


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