The Cookie Chronicles

The Cookie Chronicles


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Hello everyone!

My name is Cookie and I am a Field Bred English Springer Spaniel (that means I have tons of energy and I am supposed to be a hunter). My people are Mare and Dave Barker, owners with Maddy of Impressions. I am also on the Board of Directors (BOD) of the company and play a very important role! I am almost 3 years old. Dave found me in New Jersey and please don’t ask “What exit?” cause I have no idea. I just know that Dave came to see me when I was only 4 weeks old and fell in love with me. What’s not to love? He and Mare took me home when I was 7 weeks old.

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I live with Mare, Dave, Petey the bird and Pupa my sister (also a 1 year old springer). I LOVE my house cause there is lots of room to run, birds to chase and sticks to carry. I come to work a lot with Mare to make sure the girls are keeping things going at Impressions. I have to be busy all the time and can’t sit still really well so sometimes the other store dogs, Smitty and Pupa come in too. That makes the days really fun. More about them in their blogs later. We help make decisions about which treats, toys, collars, leashes … Mare and Maddy should carry at Impressions and we are the official taste testers for the Chowderfest and the doggie BBQ (during the All-America Celebration) entries!

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On my days off I like to train Mare in agility at High Goal Farm in Greenwich. Wendy and Dave Cerilli who own High Goal Farm are some of my favorite people. I have been taking Mare there since I was 6 months old and we’re doing pretty well. Wendy (my coach) sez I am very entertaining with my ears flying everywhere and she often comments that she doesn’t know how we make it around the course cause Mare and I are a little out of control. Our classmates Fritz, Ivy and Trey have been in class with us since the beginning. We have so much fun and it’s great exercise. Pupa, Smitty and Smalls just started this year and I can’t wait till we can all do it together. Weser from Paper Dolls and Max from Country Corner Cafe just started too so it’s kinda becoming a Broadway thing to do!!!

Well, I gotta go cause it’s almost time to get home for dinner. Next time you’re downtown stop in and if it’s one of my work days, I’d love to say hello! If you are walking down Phila Street, look up at Mare’s office window and you might see me – but you will definitely see my nose art on the glass. I love to lick the windows when I’m there.

Watch for our joint birthday Paw-ty here at Impressions on March 21st! There will be treats, crafts and gifts for all of us and our people too. Details are listed on Facebook! See ya soon!

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Cookie Barker

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